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How to make the exquisite leather watch box design
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, the material of exquisite leather watch box design exquisite watches box design to solve not only the aesthetic problem such as modelling, colour, also want to solve good structure, material, cost, technology and a series of problems. The daily exquisite watch box USES wood embryo, plastic, flannelette, paper, pu leather and so on.

Second, fine leather watch box design should be based on the products, according to the characteristics of the product itself, according to the volume of a watch, shape, material, style, class, style and connotation factors determine the form of watches boxes, watch brand personality and temperament, fully embody the attributes of the product.

Third, fine leather box design should take the market as the guide, before the design concept, make the necessary market research, fully understand the market conditions and observe the market dynamic. Gain the most from market feedback information fresh design concept, reasonable positioning, avoid designers blindly pursuing personal taste and personal style and caused by the market.

Fourth, exquisite leather watch box design should take the consumer as the center, designers should fully consider the needs of different consumer groups, consider neck of psychology, on the basis of market research, targeted to carry on the design. The style and emotional expression of the watch box must conform to the age, level and aesthetic interest of the target group, so as to resonate with it. As the consumption of watches tends to be younger and more fashionable, exquisite watch boxes will develop towards diversification.

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