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What effect does jewelry packaging have?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

First, receive jewelry: receive a case of simple understanding is loaded box, jewelry boxes and means to put the rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry are collected and concentrated. Jewelry boxes are designed according to the needs of the consumers a casket jewel box, multi-function points several layers and each layer has a lot of square lattice, which are used to organize different shape, different materials, jewelry jewelry, dedicated to place position, not only to receive a well organized, and take up is very convenient.

Second, protect jewelry: jewelry boxes inside the soft material is adopted to partition, avoid jewelry jewelry from scratch, one of the most important is to prevent some jewelry oxidation discoloration because of the air, the environment factors.

Third, decorate a room: the beauty of the jewelry box is conducive to the decoration of the whole room, so that the whole room has more design sense and artistic sense.

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