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How To Match Colors In Packaging Design?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Color is an important part of product packaging design and the reproduction of product image. Packaging design should fully consider different abstract expression and law of color, let the color to better reflect the property of commodity, and meet the target said the market needs of different consumption levels, so the collocation of color in packaging design should pay attention to the following:

The distance of colour is the colour on the same plane, some can make a person feel outstanding, some can make a person feel distant some. This kind of distance on the back and forth feeling is decided by lightness and hue, generally is warm color near, cold color far; Light is near, dark is far; Solid color near, gray far; Bright colors near, vague colors far; Contrast the strong color near, contrast the weak color far. And bright, clear warm color has more benefit to highlight the theme; And the cool color of blurry, gray can foil a theme.

The weight of color is decided mainly by the brightness of color. Generally, the light color with higher lightness and the color with colder coldness will feel lighter and white. The dark color with low lightness and warm color will be heavier, among which black is the heaviest. If the brightness is the same, the color will feel lighter if the purity is high, while the cool color will be lighter than the warm color.

Color sense of taste also plays an important role in attracting food taste on food packaging. Just like when people see red candy packaging, they can feel sweet. Use a light yellow color on the cake to give it a creamy flavor.

Generally speaking, red, yellow and white are sweet. Green has a sour taste; Black is bitter; White and green are salty; Yellow and beige have milk flavor and so on. According to different tastes of food, and then use the appropriate color packaging, can arouse consumers' desire to buy, and then achieve good results.

Generally the quality of the color is the feeling of purity and lightness high bright color, such as red, orange and yellow are all have luxuriant feeling, there is the cool color with low lightness and purity, like blue, green and so on will appear plain and simple but elegant. In general, the former is used in gifts and arts and crafts packaging more; The latter is usually used in medicine. The number of general chromatism can also have certain effect, chromatism appears luxuriant commonly, so chromatism is little can appear simple. The effect of emotion described in color can make the packaging bag more attractive, make the typical features of products more prominent, and also expand and promote the sales of goods.

As an important factor in formal beauty, color is closely related to our life, and its main reason is based on the emotional expression of color.

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