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It's Not Just Packaging
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Any packaging design will reflect the objectives of the advertising campaign. The wording must also be consistent with the sales plan and targeted at the target consumer group.

1. Packaging design is intuitive design

When you're in a shop or supermarket for wide variety of goods, your eyes rest on each item and the time is very short, so the packaging design must be intuitive, clear, this does not mean that it must be fancy or simple, but it must be clear, make the customers for their use in the clear.

Packaging design is a competitive design

Modern packaging designs compete with each other to occupy more shopping malls and supermarkets and win more customers. Successful packaging design needs to fully and comprehensive research, should not only study the competitors' products, but also to research the product exhibition and sales, including product marketing way, ambient lighting conditions, product storage, transportation and security, and so on and so forth.

Packaging design is the design of plane modeling

The basic skill of packaging design of plane modelling -- the application of color and pattern, correct balance and proportion, the choice of material and adornment will be embodied in the packaging design. But is stereo, packaging design can be applied to all kinds of packaging, boxes, cans, glass bottles as well as the plane, so it also need other specific skills, such as: how the glass and metal surface and a plane or on the surface of the elastic design, understanding of plastic, paper card and other materials in order to obtain good effect of packaging design, etc. Because packaging design is used for medium - and long-term production, designers are striving to make every design economical and practical.

4. Packaging design is designed to meet customer requirements

To carry out a design often is in a variety of reasons, sometimes is to launch a new product, but in most cases the update, because the original ones and the modification of the packing, but whatever the motivation, fully understand the needs of customers is necessary. What is the target market for a new product? If the product is updated, what advantages can be inherited from the original packaging design? If the product is redesigned, is it to develop new markets or reverse declining sales? What are the strengths and weaknesses in current design? In a word, the better you know about your customers, the better your final design will be.

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