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Types Of Acrylic Display Frames
- Jun 20, 2018 -

When people are shopping in the supermarket, you will see all sorts of modelling beautiful, well-made yakeli exhibition frame, and merchants in daily sales activities are increasingly using acrylic display to display, display products, many big shopping centers, shopping center also has the overall made of acrylic display counters. Do you know the types of acrylic display stands?

Type of acrylic display stand:

1. Acrylic alcohol and tobacco display rack is a kind of common acrylic display frame in people's life, which is usually used to display tobacco and alcohol products in the market.

2. Acrylic glasses display rack shown is the glasses frame, glasses are machined, in a natural environment had a better adaptability, otherwise easy to damage the easy to fail and not easy to repair, even into scrap.

3, in fact, in addition to the above introduction here reveal frame, there are many such as: the force that press a gram, ratten, cosmetic display rack, organic glass, cosmetics cases, jewelry boxes, jewelry props, accessories exhibition frames, the image display cabinet, exhibition shelves, shoe rack, acrylic rotating cases, watches, odm, organic glass, etc.

This is why we often can see in the shopping malls supermarkets often acrylic cosmetic display rack, jewelry display shelf, smoke wine display, digital display, but never seen TV show. Therefore, the quantity of products is also one of the basic principles for the design and production of the acrylic exhibition frame. The acrylic products almost appear in the Chinese side of life and can be used to make many products in life.

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