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Acrylic Technology in the production of watch jewelry display props
- Jan 07, 2019 -

1、Laser cutting


Laser cutting is a contactless cutting method, can cut a variety of patterns, words and so on. laser cutting technology is the use of laser beam irradiated on the surface of acrylic sheets, and then the laser release energy to make the acrylic melt. Laser cutting can be used to cut and process all kinds of very complex patterns, texts or logos, etc., so that we can produce complex shapes in order to meet the different requirements, it can restore the high transparency of the acrylic material itself by polished .



Acrylic can drill by CNC, we only need to input the various data of drawings on the computer, and then use the computer to control the CNC machine and drill on the correct position .so that the machining of acrylic parts has a very high assembly precision.



Acrylic polishing can be done using diamond ,fire polishing and cloth wheel polishing machine. 


4: hot bending

Due to acrylic will be soften from 70 ° to 100 °, so the use of hot bending technology to make into various shapes and irregular parts. The hot bending can come true by different method, a lot of acrylic pieces can put on a set of hot bend machine and mould ,most hot bending is single line or some parallel lines, the Angle of hot bending can decide a model to control angle according to need. 



Glue is a very important manual processing, so at this time employee's experience is very important, and the bonding process of acrylic products to strict control, not only to the position of drawing design for adhesive, also can't stick slanting, bubbling, glue stable, and so on .


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