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Production process of resin necklace
- Jan 08, 2019 -


According to the size of the mold and QTY of products, weigh out the unsaturated resin and pour it into the raw material bucket. And then add the curing agent into the unsaturated resin and stir it thoroughly.

2. Reverse mould

Mould should be put on flat workbench, the mould inside should be cleaned, use a  spoon to pour it into slowly the mould , cannot dump, should pour into from high point, make its natural flow.

3. Pumpdown

Move filled mold to the strong vacuum compressor, and squeeze out the excess air bubbles caused by mixing in the resin, otherwise, there will be some holes after the finished product.


The slurry can be solidified after pouring into the mold for 1-2 hours, and the mold can be removed after solidification

5. Polished

After demoulding, the rough embryo needs to be polished by hand and small machines,  The entire surface of the product is smooth , we can wrap and paint on it in order to get the better effect .

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