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Information and Features of Medium density fiberboard
- Jan 09, 2019 -

MDF is short for medium density fiberboard and it is a common raw material in the various display props and boxes . the size is 2440*1220 MM and the thickness is 3mm、5mm、6mm、9mm、12mm、15mm、16mm、18mm、25mm。


Main Features

1)  1.Uniform internal structure, moderate density, good dimensional stability, not easy deformation

2)  The physical and mechanical properties are better than particle board.

3)  The surface is smooth and smooth, which is convenient for secondary processing. can paint directly and print decoration. Also wrap in different materials(example PU, Paper ,Flock, microfiber and so on )

4)  Medium density fiberboard (MDF) have a large dimension and the thickness is from 2.5MM to 35MM , so it can be manufactured according to the different requirement .

5.Mechanical processing performance is good, saw cut, drilling, milling groove, polishing and other processing performance that are similar to solid wood, some even better than solid wood.

6.Easy to Engrave and cut into a variety of shape furniture parts, can lacquer on the surface directly .

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