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Display props in the main types of LOGO brand and the use of what?
- Nov 27, 2018 -

Our company makes display props for watches/glasses/jewelry and cosmetics. Long-term service to many big brands! We also found that different brands, in order to highlight their own brand and concept, different series with the LOGO brand is also different. So what is a LOGO card? LOGO brand is some words, patterns and other content plays a role in pointing out the direction and warning. Common LOGO brand by material, wood, metal, acrylic, resin and package different materials. We can do screen printing, hot stamping, etching, laser and so on.


The following are about metal LOGO, acrylic LOGO and resin LOGO brand:


1. Metal LOGO LOGO:

 Mainly based on raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, lead tin alloy, etc., it is made by stamping, die-casting, etching, printing, baking paint and other processes. The metal LOGO brand we often do is etched mainly by mask, etching, post-processing three steps of processing and production of the convex metal sign or concave metal sign.


Manufacturing technology of corroded metal sign:


1) blanking: according to the size required in the drawing (layout size), the surrounding area shall be added with no less than 5mm of rough edges. Cut board to use 720 pedaling type cut board machine, requirement surface is level off, all round without gross profit.


2) metal corrosion plate surface treatment:


• mechanical polishing: with 2.2-4kw polishing machine, the wool for mechanical polishing, cloth wheel using 300-350 motor speed generally 2000-3000 RPM.


Alkali treatment: [2] by 10-15% of the aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide in 65-85 ℃, metal plate cook 10 to 30 seconds, and then use clean water, into 5% of heavy inscription acid aqueous solution.


Powder treatment method: with a flat brush dip in the old powder (double powder) will be the version of uniform cross method brush listening, until the removal of dirt surface, or remove the effect of oxygen skin, and then use 5% potassium dichromate water solution closed.


(4) drawing processing: with mechanical or manual drawing method, the metal surface of the drawing process, in order to achieve the regeneration effect of metal surface.



2: acrylic LOGO engraved signs: generally refers to the rotary saw or vertical saw from the acrylic plate or other plates engraved words or patterns means. In order to show the three-dimensional sense of small text, acrylic in this aspect has been fully applied. Especially need to do lighting effects, almost all are done with acrylic! Acrylic LOGO brand process is simple, low cost, easy to ensure the quality, which is why many people choose it. The following are some common acrylic LOGO brand:






3: resin materials can make three-dimensional effect of multiple color nested LOGO sign, advanced resin process is a kind of liquid product of unsaturated resin after curing, after infusion into specific mould curing after grinding, polishing process become a finished product, high plasticity, high transparency, can be recorded and processed into various shapes, so a lot of strange display props are to do with resin, metal and acrylic, such below can't be a special form, can be done with resin.



Also can allocate have noctilucent effect, transparent with opaque all sorts of color to wait a moment, the biggest advantage is to print all sorts of words, design above.

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