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What is the use of water transfer in jewelry boxes?
- Nov 21, 2018 -

(I) Overview 

The full name of water transfer printing: the simulation surface is covered with water transfer printing, which decorates all the surface of the substrate, covers the original appearance, and decorates and prints the entire substrate (three-dimensional). Principle: the specially treated polymer film is printed on the pattern with a positive printer, and the pattern is covered on the surface of the watermark by the hydraulic principle after being flattened and activated in the water tank.

(II)  water overlaying transfer process

1. Printing of transfer film  

Gravure  is used to print the required image and text on the polymer film.

2. Spray primer 

According to the need to spray on substrates of different colors, such as: small grain, often use brown, khaki e grain - white is given priority to

3.  The extension of the original film 

Put the transfer film on the top, and lay flat in the water until it is flat.

4.  The activation of membrane 

The activation of the image and text and separation of the base film are dissociated. An activator is an organic blend solvent that quickly dissolves the base film without damaging the layer.

5.  Transfer printing 

Close the substrate to the activated film, the graphic layer will slowly transfer to the watermark, pay attention to water temperature, transfer speed to be uniform.

6. Water washing

 Remove the substrate and clean the residual film and floating layer on the special cleaning machine.

7. drying 

Should be in the special dryer, temperature, speed to be controllable.

8. Spray coating  

Solvent based varnish to be mixed with hardener, different substrate different.


 (III)water covered with printing film

1. Production method of water - coated transfer film 

Similar to the production process of heat transfer film, the water-covered transfer film is made by the traditional printing process of gravure printing press, which prints patterns on the surface of the water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol film.

Gravure printing machine has a precise tension automatic control system, which can print 4 to 8 colors at a time. The overprinter accuracy is high. The simulation surface used for gravure water batch transfer film is water-resistant compared with traditional ink.

2.Drying after transfer of a transfer film covered with water

The drying method is volatile drying


(IV) characteristics of water overlaying transfer film

The extensibility of the jin wood, which is covered with a water transfer membrane, is so high that it can be easily attached tightly to the surface of an object, which is the main reason why it is suitable for the transfer of the entire surface of an object. However, the big disadvantage of flexibility is also obvious, that is, in the printing process, the picture and text on the film surface is easy to be deformed, followed by the transfer process towel, and the flexible picture and text carrier is inevitably stretched and deformed when it is completely in contact with the substrate. So, actually transfer to the surface of the image and text is difficult to achieve a realistic degree. In order to avoid this shortcoming, we often design the picture and text on the transfer film of water to be small and specific, and the deformation does not affect the repetition pattern of appreciation.

Disadvantages: the transfer film used for stereo transfer is not suitable for small text and hierarchical pattern transfer copy.


As long as the surface can be sprayed paint objects can be transferred by water drape, now mainly used for plastic (ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PU, PE, TPR, TPE, PS, PBF, EVA, etc.) surface imitation wood grain, imitation marble decoration, artificial wood surface imitation natural wood grain decoration, color steel plate decoration and so on.


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