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How is the watch box maintained
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Next time, as people's concept of time more and more strong, in the use of the watch will be more and more, but is not a famous brand that dare not say, but many of their watches are fondle admiringly, watch is easy to produce feelings, is to protect the watch, so they will buy a list box to pack the watch, watch maximum protection. So what should you pay attention to when you use a watch box on a daily basis? How to maintain?

1. The watch box should never be touched down, which is easy to cause closed imbalance

2. Be as delicate as possible when closed, because it is a delicate object

3. Turn it on gently. If you push too hard, you will probably weigh your watch

4. It is best not to touch the watch box when your hands are wet, especially after washing clothes


1. It is best to use only water when cleaning

2. The inside of the box must be protected

3. Once the dough in the box is loose, it is recommended to add something cotton to make it firm

4. Do not put it in rough places when it is placed at ordinary times

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