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How should the production of gift box select raw materials?
- Jun 20, 2018 -

On the gift packaging material selection, paper container need to account for the first position, then there is the proportion of leather, wood, plastic, metal materials increased than before, however the natural material such as bamboo, willow, grass still use less. Compared with some gifts, there are also materials in wood packaging. Show its natural and civilized temperament.

Like red wine box, in wine packaging design to start based on reflecting the village characteristic and the dense wine culture, in the design of wine packaging to use a lot of wood to make wine box, and inside wine box to join the straw is used to foil frosted glass raw material wine bottle, pour the wine village populated reflected the characteristics of a civilization. Achieve the wine packaging box design and wine civilization harmony and common.

In the paper container, the paper box also has a great advantage. According to different levels of gifts, the selection of materials is also different:

1. Low-grade gift box:

A. In general, more than 350 grams of white paper plate is used to print the film, and then die cutting molding.

B. For a little bit, 300 grams of white paper are usually used to be mounted into paper CARDS and then printed, coated and molded.

2. Medium gift packaging box: more than 250 grams or 300 grams of aluminum foil card paper and 300 grams of white board paper are usually used for printing.

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