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How to determine whether jewelry display cases are environmentally friendly and durable
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Jewelry display cabinet can play the role of guiding consumers to purchase in the mall, rationalized jewelry counter, for the product added a lot of charm. The jewelry counter is already the product that businessmen buy in droves.

When making jewelry counter, the durability of the layout is the basic requirement for the use of jewelry display cabinet. Use elucidation should introduce the layout that display ark makes one-sided, the topic that should hold steady, how to maintain, how to maintain. Reflect its environmental objectives for formaldehyde release a quantity to release quantity differences is the value of a detection value is greater than the scale defined, then explain manufacturers use unqualified raw materials, or not the adhesive quality in the process of production or excessive use. If there is no specification, the product is unqualified.

When purchasing jewelry shelves are not paying attention to making jewelry shelves are used to clarify, if there is no use package insert or package insert label content is not complete, can't accurate guide consumers use and maintenance of jewelry cases, also belong to divide product. The jewelry ark that formaldehyde exceeds bid is indoor air purifies, harm human body health "chief culprit". Other, the easiest to ignore is the use of jewelry display cases.

How do you know if the display cases are durable and easy to use? Very simple, see the drawer when pushing and pulling whether the slide is smooth, the lock is tight. Industry scale delimit, lumber moisture content cannot override 12%. In addition to environmental protection, jewelry display cabinet production process is also the key factor to ensure quality. This is the result of small, unregulated manufacturers saving materials and processes to reduce costs. Some products of different quality cases do not have strict control over raw materials and material selection, which leads to the break and fall off of pulley and the layout deformation of jewelry display cases. Therefore, the strength of drawer slideway, the material requirement of metal parts, the material requirement of wood parts and the water content of wood are all the tight targets to ensure the durability of the display cabinet.

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