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Jewelry display cabinets need to be integrated into fashion elements
- Jun 20, 2018 -

No matter any design, it requires the integration of fashion and fashion elements, because the design itself is full of innovation and creativity. The unique design of the exhibition cabinet with brand and connotation can reflect the advantages and selling points of commercial exhibits on one hand, and reflect Chinese culture through the design of the exhibition cabinet and space on the other hand. In order to get better benefit, we need to get better improvement not only in the design and production technology of jewelry display cases. Customers who have known about jewelry display cabinets should know that there are many kinds of materials for making jewelry display cabinets, such as stainless steel, medium fiber board, large core board, acrylic board, hardware, glass and so on. Among them in the choice of material, the customer seems to prefer to paint the medium fiber plate and metal. Because these two kinds of material style is more diversiform, can present a more beautiful visual effect.

Other material is also very strict quality requirements, raw material need to meet international industry standard of production, for such a after many screening to produce high-quality goods shelves, so the package will be under the manufacturer, because of the very not easy to production under didn't get lose if moving, lead to damaged, exhibiting ark that is lost, in the cases and to use the foam packaging and packaging cases wooden packing, even some using solid wooden cases, this can also be from a program to ensure the safety and exhibiting ark reflects the grade of the shelves. On jewelry shelves design should pay attention to and lively, concise, because that is the best way to attract the audience, because a person in a short time the received information is limited, if not let the audience obtain accurate information in an instant, interest is unlikely to occur. So how to make customers interested in consumption, this is the work of the booth manufacturer to do.

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