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Manufacturing process of organic glass display frame
- Jun 20, 2018 -

Plexiglass commonly known as acrylic, is a kind of environmental protection material. Supermarket within the full of beautiful things in a variety of colorful learning machine display shelf, household electrical appliances exhibition frame, mobile exhibition frame, etc., were mostly organic glass material, but most people don't know what are the making craft of organic glass display rack.

1. For material opening, it is necessary to cut the large sheet of acrylic sheet size 1220*2440 into the size of laser engraving machine.

Ii: laser engraving, the designed size will be carved out with laser.

3. The carved plate is polished by chamfering and chamfering

4. Silk-print logo or print pattern

V: adhesion and bending, the entire product structure needs to be combined out

Six: that is the last step, packaging, need to tear off the whole redundant cowhide protection paper, remove the dust, check whether there is any scratch marks, side corner to carry on the edge scraping treatment. This is the process of making an organic glass display stand. If it is a product with a lamp, it is one more step and requires the assembly of power supply.

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