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The charm of jewelry is also derived from the material of the jewelry showcase.
- Oct 27, 2018 -

       Today's commercial showcases, many merchants generally choose glass as a jewelry showcase, because the glass material showcase has a good visual effect, such as incomparable fashion, strong permeability, etc., glass material showcase is easier to show The advantages of some jewellery such as diamonds, crystals, pearls, etc., give customers a visually pleasing experience, which increases the sales of such jewellery; but there are also some jewels such as jade, jade, agate and other jewellery that are more suitable for wood materials. The showcases and wooden showcases are the perfect blend of the quaint luxury of these jewels.

       There are many kinds of materials that can be used as raw materials for the display cabinet manufacturing. Metals can be used, hard rubber can be used, and wood boards can be used. However, the material that is more advantageous as a showcase manufacturing is wood. Jewelry showcases use wood panels to plan the manufacture of showcases when it is easier to cut, drill, and saw. The key is that the use of wood panels to plan the manufacture of showcases is more environmentally friendly and resource-saving than using other materials.

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