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To improve your brand image, you have to choose the showcase factory!
- Oct 11, 2018 -

To improve your brand image, you have to choose the showcase factory!

        How to choose a good showcase factory that suits you well, you need to know the following several things about the showcase factory, service, price, materials and work of the showcase factory. The fashion Zhongyuan here will give you some detailed introductions as follows:


         A: The showcase factory depends on the service. When selecting a showcase, you must choose a manufacturer that has a good after-sales service, so that you can get repairs in time when problems arise. During the use of the showcase, the phenomenon of loose hinges and scratches on the countertops is very easy to occur. A good showcase company will actively provide services to customers and publicize maintenance knowledge to customers.


        Second: the showcase factory chooses to see the price. Consumers must first have a rough positioning of their needs, and then choose a showcase that is authentic and consistent in quality. It is necessary to choose a company with a clear price rather than a company that looks like a big discount and a black-box operation. Because the cost of good products is also high, manufacturers must maintain their reasonable profit margins if they want to survive.


        Three: The selection and production of the showcase factory depends on the production materials. Exhibition countertops, cabinet door panels and their brands, with or without proof materials, hinges, track brands, showcase cabinet panels are moisture-proof, branding of edge banding, brands of hot melt adhesives, handles and other hardware brands


        Four: It is necessary to look at the work of the showcase factory. Mainly check whether the countertop, door panel, cabinet and sealing strip, anti-collision strip are processed by machine molding, whether it is pressed on both sides. Good products will not foam and deform for long-term use.

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