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Display counters of different materials The skills of purchasing are also different!
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Display counters of different materials The skills of purchasing are also different!

       With the continuous advancement of process technology, the materials of the display counter products are more and more diversified, from the traditional solid wood display cabinets, gradually developed into wooden display cabinets, glass display cabinets, metal display cabinets and other display cabinet products, in appearance and The quality is constantly improving.

       However, most customers now only pay attention to the appearance and price of the products when customizing the display counter products. The material of the products is only slightly understood, which may cause some troubles for the use. Therefore, here we need to talk to you about some of the custom tips on the display counter.

       More common are stainless steel display counters and titanium alloy display cabinets. These two display cabinets are relatively low in price and belong to the traditional material category. Therefore, there is not much to be aware of when purchasing. The main concern is the tightness of the joints and the appearance. These are mostly process contents. Generally, the material of the metal display cabinet does not need to be excessive. Worried.

       The glass display cabinet is the most common in the market. It is a display cabinet. When purchasing the display cabinet products of this material, the main concern is the appearance and safety issues. The style is fashionable, fashionable, and secure enough. Sufficiently, after all, the life of this display counter product is relatively short, so it will be relatively low in terms of price.

       Of course, there is now a titanium alloy glass display cabinet that will become the mainstream. This display cabinet is made of a combination of metal and glass. The display cabinet made of new material titanium alloy + ultra-white glass + mirror glass is used. Combines the advantages of all other material display cabinets, novel style, fashion, firm and safe, long-lasting, never fade, etc.

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