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The future production of jewelry display cabinets will enter the era of competition and cooperation!
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The future production of jewelry display cabinets will enter the era of competition and cooperation!

       With the shortage of global resources, the price of raw materials has increased substantially, and the cost price of the jewelry display cabinet production industry as a resource product will inevitably increase. At the same time, the appreciation of the renminbi and the country's export tax rebate for the "two high and one capital" enterprises, the domestic jewelry display cabinet production industry, which has a huge living space, is also facing increasingly fierce competition.

       The price of wood has soared, artificial, transportation, decorative paper, etc. have not risen, but the increase in the digestive power of the entire display cabinet market is no match for the growth rate of raw material prices. Compared with the market sales in previous years, there are very few sales this year. phenomenon.

       The rapid rise in raw material prices has caused jewelry showrooms to rise in price for almost a few months or even a month or two, and even the monthly delivery price is different. However, the fierce competition made sellers dare not raise prices too much, and many people had to reluctantly reduce their profits. From the perspective of the main body of the consumer market, consumers are becoming more and more rational. The price promotions that have been highly sought after in previous years have also lost their past power. In addition, affected by the national environmental protection policy, many of the previous paint showcase factories began to rectify and shut down. Jewelry display cabinet manufacturers competed for external cold and heat, which caused the marketing cost to rise to some extent, and the traditional marketing model faced severe challenges.

       Every jewellery showcase manufacturer is more and more down-to-earth, no longer playing the kind of vain price concept hype, the image of the terminal jewellery display cabinet is transformed according to needs, and the after-sales service is gradually strengthening... This series of changes shows that all display cabinet enterprises have already Entering the construction stage of the brand connotation, this will make the personality of the jewelry display cabinet more and more obvious. The more prominent the personality of each jewellery display cabinet brand, the more concentrated the target customers are, and the more consumers with different needs focus on the respective choice direction, pay attention to the relevant jewelry showcase manufacturers.


       Competition and cooperation have always been reflected in different aspects. For each showcase factory itself, it is necessary to identify market positioning, customer positioning, brand positioning, establish a unique brand personality, enhance its competitiveness, and occupy and expand the market.

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