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Jewelry showcase customization is not just about the price!
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Jewelry showcase customization is not just about the price!

The wooden showcase is the mainstream in the showcase of shopping malls. Looking at the major first-line brands, such as jewelry brands and cosmetics brands, the showcases used to display products are basically wooden showcases. Due to the plasticity of the wooden showcase, the showcase manufacturers can customize the showcase according to the customer's requirements, which makes the demand for wooden showcases even larger.

  As far as the current showcase market is concerned, regardless of the price of the showcase, it is still the quality of the showcase, which can be said to be mixed. Sometimes, the material is the same, and the appearance looks like the showcase, the price is quite different. Why is that? Customers who don't understand often ask such questions. In fact, the reasons are diverse, such as the difference in technology, the difference in materials, and so on. Good showcases, from the selection of the plates to the requirements of the process, each process is often rigorous.

1. Selection of plates:

  Choosing a good quality sheet is the first factor in ensuring quality. This not only requires the selection of the quality of the board, but also the rigorous selection of the board. First of all, it is necessary to make an accurate choice of the plate selection of the relevant departments. For example, a thin core plate can be used for the plate of the load-bearing part such as the bookshelf. Second, the quality of the relevant panels has to be controlled. For example, the quality of thin core plates is varied and varies greatly.

  2. Choice of finishing process:

  Different panels require different finishes. For example, solid wood and veneer with soft texture, then varnish can be used. If the solid wood board with poor texture or the ordinary splint surface without the veneer, then you need to use mixed oil. Again, in turn, if you use varnish, then you should choose a solid wood or veneer with a good surface. And if you use mixed oil, you only need to use ordinary plates. The use of veneer and blending oil can only be a way of spreading money.

 3. Treatment of nail holes:

  The treatment of nail holes is strictly in the category of painters. As the saying goes, "three poses, seven dresses." This sentence is more typical in the woodworking work. Nowadays, most of the renovations in the department use reworked plates. During the construction, nails and other processes are used. How to deal with these nail holes becomes a raised problem. This requires a very strict position on the color of the putty, so as to make the color matching with the wood surface as much as possible, thus concealing these shortcomings. The same processing is also used for the processing of tree nodes and tree shrews.

  In the overall shape of the mall showcase, the main features and process handling of each mall showcase are required to be consistent. For example, in a set of mall showcases, there can be no square pillars, some are round, otherwise it will be very uncoordinated. At the same time, the detailed processing requirements of the showcases of the malls are consistent. In the paint color, the paint color of a set of mall showcases also needs to be the same. In the use of materials for work, the exaggeration of its consistency. When selecting the mall showcase after the renovation is completed, in addition to considering the matching of the mall showcase and the decoration effect, it is also necessary to consider the location of the mall showcase.

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