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What Are The design principles of optical display counter
- Feb 11, 2019 -

The optical counter design principles are as follows:

1. People-oriented, , the size of the counter meets the requirements of ergonomics; 

2. The shape and color of the counter of the optician store should not dominate the scene but adapt to the environment .

3. Local materials shall be used as far as possible in the field construction, and local processing conditions and technical level shall be adapted;

4. Save installation or construction time, labor and material costs, mainly adopt standardization and serialization, display frame of wall-type flat glasses, mainly adopt combination type and disassembly type;

5. Use environmentally friendly, recyclable and safe prop components as far as possible.

The plane design of the display board in the counter design of the eyeglasses shop should be coordinated and unified, including the color, text, arrangement, material and craft of the layout.Under the premise of increasing the overall visual impact, local highlights and highlights should be achieved.The store logo is distinctive, concise and easy to distinguish.

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