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Four Principles Should Be Followed In Packaging Design
- Jun 20, 2018 -

1. Science means that packaging design must first consider the function of packaging to protect products, provide convenience and expand sales. It meets people's needs of daily production and life. At the same time, it should conform to the public's healthy aesthetics and customs. Packaging design should never be the product of gaudy formalism, nor should it ignore the other aspects simply because of the three functions of strength. Integration will bring adverse effects on people's health, industrial production and social life.

2. Economy requires that the packaging design must conform to the modern advanced industrial production level and achieve the economic effect with the least financial resources, material resources, manpower and time. This requires that our packaging design is conducive to mechanized mass production; Conducive to automatic operation and management; Conducive to reducing material consumption and energy conservation; Conducive to improving work efficiency; It is beneficial to protect products, facilitate transportation, expand sales, use maintenance, storage, stacking and other mobile links. All of this is part of economic principles. China is a socialist country. The purpose of production is to raise the living standard of the people. Therefore, the economic principles of packaging design concern the economic and personal interests and should be highly valued.

3. Reliability requires packaging design to protect product reliability, so as not to damage, pollute or steal products in various circulation links. This requires scientific analysis of the packaged goods, reasonable packaging methods and materials, reliable structural design and even some special treatment. For example, the bottom plank of the container must be treated with special sterilization and pest control.

4. Beauty is the common requirement of the masses. The packaging design must create vivid, healthy and harmonious design and decoration for the packaged products under the condition that the function, material and technical conditions permit. Thus arouse people's desire to buy, beautify people's life, and cultivate people's healthy and noble aesthetic taste.

Summary: science, economics, reliability and aesthetics are closely related, and we cannot ignore either of them. When improving the scientific and reliable functions of packaging design, we should not forget the economic and social effects of packaging design. When to improve the economic effect of packaging design and not simply the pursuit of value profit, and take into account the packaging to the people living the effects of each link, such as people for the impact of psychological environment and etc. In consideration of the beauty of the packaging design, in addition to making packaging modeling and decoration conform to the needs of packaging functions, but also to take into account the people's existing appreciation level, customs and hobbies and taboo colors. Only four organic to combine, let they coordinated in the process of design and production, to make the packaging in every way to show the creative design ideas, and to provide better services for production and living.

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