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Watch Box Packaging Strategy Sales
- Jun 20, 2018 -

For the design of leather watch box, the sales strategy customized by the enterprise is the most basic basis in the creative process of leather watch box packaging design. Enterprises usually adopt corresponding wooden watch box packaging and sales strategies according to different marketing factors. The main methods are as follows:

(1) sales strategy of series leather watch box packaging. Enterprise application in series products similar or similar leather watch box packing image design, guide the consumer will be linked to commodity image and corporate image, to strengthen the business enterprise image.

(2) sales strategy of equal leather watch box packaging. Due to the different levels of consumer and consumer groups of different consumption habits, the enterprise will be of the same goods according to the characteristics of the different levels of consumer sales box packaging design different grades of wooden watches, in order to expand and fight for multi-level consumer groups.

(3) sales strategy of matching leather watch box packaging. Enterprises will be associated with a series of goods related to the wooden watch box packaging sales, conducive to the use of consumers. This sales strategy can drive the sales of a series of goods to improve the overall visual image of a series of goods.

(4) sales strategy of wooden watch box packaging with additional gifts. Enterprises through wooden watch box packaging additional gifts to stimulate consumers to purchase desire to increase the diversity of the use of goods and wooden watch box packaging design additional design value. Gifts come in a variety of forms, ranging from a range of goods to other goods that appeal to consumers.

(5) green leather watch box packaging sales strategy. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection among consumers, environmental protection has become an important factor in the packaging design of wooden watch boxes. Therefore watches in the wooden box packaging design, the choice of reusable or renewable, recyclable processing, on the environment pollution-free wooden watch box packaging materials, not only can get consumer recognition and support, and to protect the environment and in accordance with international wooden watch box packaging technology standards, to establish good environmental image for the enterprise.

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