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Packaging box printing used glue commonly
- Dec 18, 2018 -

Glue is very important in the production of packaging box . the surface effect are different when use the different glue . so how to choose the correct glue is crucial in the production process of packaging box . the below are several glues we used commonly .

1:Jelly glue, also known as hot melt glue, is a kind of glue that melts when heated. Packaging box printing factory will have a special glue machine for heating, after the glue melts to the surface paper, need a fast wrapping because of drying time is very fast.  Jelly glue can be directly wiped away with water, very conveniently .

2:White latex is a kind of water - based adhesive, which is emulsified under normal temperature. You need to add some water to make the glue with stickness. The sticky power of glue is decided by the amount of water ,so the worker that is responsible for glue machine is very important .

3:Gift box glue is a popular and special for gift box printing, named 802 glue. It is a kind of white latex, but the speed drying and stickiness are very practical for gift boxes.


Normally we will use white latex when use the glue on double sides ,because the price is cheap, practical and convenient. If it is a package box, you will choose between jelly glue and gift box glue, the two have their own characteristics.

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